NanoIsrael 2014

Mon, 2014-03-24 - Tue, 2014-03-25
Tel Aviv
NanoIsrael has established itself as the central meeting point for local and multinational companies, investors, university and corporate research scientists and government representatives from around the world. Bringing together elite speakers and top people from science, business and government, the third conference held in Tel Aviv in March 2012 drew over 1,000 delegates from Israel and abroad. Inspired by President Shimon Peres’ opening talk, delegates were then able to review the full range of cutting-edge technologies, from scientific innovation, through “Golden Nuggets” on the verge of commercialization, dozens of innovative start-ups, multinationals seeking collaborations, government agencies and a display of over a dozen of the latest innovations and products. NanoIsrael 2014 is held in cooperation with the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) and the nanotechnology centers at Israeli universities, and is supported by the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, key companies, universities and organizations from Israel and abroad.
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